Witness The World Of Nestle Milo In Our 3d Commercial 3d Video Production


In the competitive landscape of beverage brands, Nestle Milo shines as a beacon of flavor and nourishment. Through innovative creative production, we strive to capture Milo’s essence, infusing each frame with the brand’s vibrant personality and unwavering charm through the video production service.

The Milo Brand

Renowned for its unique blend of malt, cocoa, and essential vitamins and minerals, Milo stands as a testament to Nestle’s commitment to nourishing both body and soul. Its distinctive taste and nutritional benefits make it a go-to choice for individuals seeking a delicious and wholesome beverage. With its iconic green tetra pack and unmistakable aroma, Milo continues to hold a special place in the hearts of millions, embodying the essence of joy, energy, and nourishment.

Crafting Milo’s Story

The creative vision behind the 3D commercial video for Nestle Milo is to encapsulate the brand’s essence in a visually stunning and engaging manner. By focusing on the label design and portability of Milo, the video aims to highlight its accessibility and convenience in everyday life.  Whether enjoyed at home, on the go, or as part of a morning ritual, Milo becomes a cherished companion that enhances moments with its rich flavor and energizing properties. This approach not only resonates with consumers but also reinforces Milo’s position as a trusted and beloved brand that adds joy and vitality to every occasion.

The Production Process

The Creative Factory team embarked on a meticulous journey to bring the Milo video to life, beginning with extensive brainstorming sessions to conceptualize the narrative. Leveraging their expertise in advanced 3D skills and simulation techniques, they meticulously crafted each scene to ensure visual excellence and authenticity.

Central to the video’s magic were the development of the 4D straw effect and Milo’s transformation. Through innovative techniques, the team ingeniously crafted the illusion of a straw bending and shaping text in a chocolaty swirl before seamlessly transitioning into the iconic Milo can. This transformation showcased the brand’s iconic packaging and symbolized Milo’s transformative power, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Throughout the video, color, lighting, and imagery are strategically employed to evoke emotions and associations with Milo. Warm hues of brown and green evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity, while soft lighting adds a touch of warmth.


The creative production journey for Nestle Milo has been a celebration of its legacy, capturing the brand’s essence with precision and passion.

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